Philosophy & Vision

"Keep It Simple - Keep It Real" is CoolSun's general approach to building or restoring strong and resilient children/teens and overall family connection.


Although CoolSun is child/teen-focused, we work hard to strengthen supportive relationships among all family members.  This means that, in addition to individual counseling, we integrate parent, sibling, and family sessions, when appropriate.  We also look beyond CoolSun counseling for complimentary resources to better ensure comprehensive or "holistic" care.



Kids & Family Counseling Center

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Theory & Practice

We recognize that each child/teen and family situation is unique, so we would never consider using a “one size fits all” approach.  Instead, our practice is based upon several theoretical and practice approaches that make up an extensive “toolkit” of techniques.  


Our practice is supported by a devoted understanding of following theories: Developmental, Learning, Relational, Attachment, Humanistic, Social Psychology, Systems, Constructivism, Contextualism, Reality, and more.  

We use a variety of practice approaches designed to give our clients a greater self-awareness, self-control, and internal motivation.  Practice approaches and principles used at CoolSun are Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), Applied Behavior Analysis/ Pivotal Response Training (ABA/PRT), Play Therapy, DIR/Floortime, Sensory Integration, Mindfulness, and more.


When the opportunity arises, we use Experiential practice, which is basically the act of doing rather talking about it.  It is the art of turning “work” into fun and therapeutic “play.”  


Counseling from a faith-based perspective available, upon request.